About Hopscotch


Hailey and Mark stumbled across Hopscotch when looking for a product onboarding solution for their SaaS business. They tried it and were blown away. So they reached out to the founder, Cam on Twitter for a friendly chat. Within a couple of weeks the three of them had drawn up an offer for Hailey and Mark to buy into Hopscotch. So now they’re cofounders, building the world's simplest, most effective product onboarding solution. 


Hailey has spent over a decade in digital marketing. She began her career at startups working in real estate tech and SaaS. Six years ago, she cofounded Growth Marketing Pro, the biggest growth marketing blog on the internet. She's parlayed that success into her dream career: acquiring and growing startups.


With a background in both marketing and web development, it was only a matter of time before Cam delved into the world product design. A few years ago, Cam started Hopscotch after being inspired to join a growing community of founders creating profitable businesses without sacrificing their freedom and lifestyle.


Mark’s worked at some of the fastest-growing startups in San Francisco. Most recently, he led growth marketing at a $250 million-a-year consumer brand. He’s also Hailey's cofounder at Growth Marketing Pro. He's obsessed with SaaS businesses and believes that the only way to build a successful product is with deep data insights.

What we believe

We know that the best businesses are customer-first. Our team is singularly focused on building the most effective product for SaaS onboarding — so our customers get way more value than they spend on Hopscotch.