Appcues alternative

Hopscotch is the simple and affordable Appcues alternative built to onboard SaaS users with ease.


Appcues is a great user onboarding tool, but it can be quite complex to use and it comes with a steep price.

If your SaaS has simple needs (ex: product tours and welcome messages), or simply cannot justify the higher price point, then you will want to use an affordable Appcues alternative such as Hopscotch Product Tours.


⛔️ Appcues

Starts at $249/month

Depending on the number of monthly active users you have, the starting price could be $649/month or more.

✅ Hopscotch

Starts at $0/month

Hopscotch plans start free for one product tour, and then scales with you as you grow. The starter plan is $49/month for unlimited tours.


Appcues and Hopscotch Product Tours both have similar features for building product tours and in-app messaging. They also both have advanced targeting capabilities in order to show specific messages to the specific user segments.

The Appcues builder can be difficult to use because it has many extra features for changing the look, feel, and placement of the messages. This can be overkill for many companies that really want something that is simple. The Hopscotch builder is simple and easy to work with.

Appcues has more advanced features, including checklists, but these features are only available in plans that start at $879/month paid annually. This is way out of the budget for many small businesses, and is largely why Hopscotch is a great alternative to Appcues.

Why Hopscotch?

Drive user onboarding

Create interactive guides to walk new sign-ups through the steps to get started.

Spotlight new features

Boost feature adoption by highlighting what’s new in your product at the perfect time.

Reduce user frustration

Give customers proactive guidance that keeps them out of the support inbox.

Your users deserve better onboarding

Hey! I’m Cam, the founder of Hopscotch.

Many product onboarding tours miss the mark. You know what I'm talking about — those 45-step unskippable guides that show every single corner of the application. What a greeting! Not only that, but once they're gone, they are gone forever. They are never there when you actually need them.

With Hopscotch, my goal is to fix this. I believe there should be a simple way for startups to improve their application onboarding using product tours without frustrating users.

Our mission is to Be Helpful, and one of the best ways we can achieve this is by assisting you in delighting your customers with an amazing onboarding experience.

Let’s build better customer experiences, together.

— Cam Sloan, Founder

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