Intercom Product Tours alternative

Hopscotch is the simple and affordable Intercom Product Tours alternative built to onboard SaaS users with ease.


Intercom Product Tours might be a good choice if you are already fully bought into the Intercom ecosystem, however it is not available as a standalone tool.

On top of that, it comes with a hefty starting price tag of $199/month on top of your existing Intercom plan.

If your SaaS company doesn't already use Intercom, you're likely going to want to use an Intercom Product Tours alternative like Hopscotch Product Tours.

Features comparison

Intercom Product Tours and Hopscotch Product Tours have similar features for building product tours and in-app messaging. Both Intercom Product Tours and Hopscotch have a no-code tour builder, advanced targeting capabilities in order to show specific messages to the specific user segments, and are simple to use.

The primary difference between the two products is that Intercom Product Tours is only available as an add-on starting at an additional $199/month on top of your monthly plan. Hopscotch Product Tours is a good alternative to Intercom Product Tours because is is available as a standalone tool and you can get started for half the price.

Pricing comparison

⛔️ Intercom

Intercom Product Tours price starts at $258/month
($59/month Starter plan + $199/month product tours add-on)

✅ Hopscotch

Starts at $99/mo

Hopscotch plans scale with you as you grow. The starter plan is $99/month for unlimited tours.

Why Hopscotch?

Increase trial-to-paid conversions

Keep users focused and guide them to the "Aha!" moments that lead to conversions.

Reduce churn

Frustrated users don't stick around. Guide users to their desired outcomes with in-app messages.

No-code. No problem.

Your devs are busy working on product. With Hopscotch, you can make changes without waiting on a developer.



Use conditional logic to segment in-app messaging based on individual user activity.

Interactive product tours

Your users can click buttons, links, and fill in form fields to progress through interactive guides.


Customize the look and feel to match your brand.

In-app messages

Welcome new users, announce new features, or send a message about an upcoming webinar.


Announce features and events with scheduled in-app messaging campaigns.

Browser SDK

Some use cases may require a bit of extra code. We offer a full browser SDK to interact with Hopscotch programmatically.

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