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Educate users about your product and guide them to becoming successful customers.

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Increase trial-to-paid conversions

Keep users focused and guide them to the "Aha!" moments that lead to conversions.

Reduce churn

Frustrated users don't stick around. Guide users to their desired outcomes with in-app messages.

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Your devs are busy working on product. With Hopscotch, you can make changes without waiting on a developer.

Use cases

Onboard new users

Ensure your users first experience in the app is a positive one by helping them to get started.

Drive feature adoption

Guide users to new features as they are released, or resurface existing features that are not being seen.

Educate users

Show users a new tip each time they visit your app and turn them into power users.

Product announcements

Notify users about new features, upcoming webinars, or scheduled app maintenance.

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Use conditional logic to segment in-app messaging based on individual user activity.

Interactive product tours

Your users can click buttons, links, and fill in form fields to progress through interactive guides.


Beautiful tooltips help highlight elements in your app to educate users about your product and .


Customize the look and feel to match your brand.

In-app messages

Welcome new users, announce new features, or send a message about an upcoming webinar.


Announce features and events with scheduled in-app messaging campaigns.

Browser SDK

Some use cases may require a bit of extra code. We offer a full browser SDK to interact with Hopscotch programmatically.

Your users deserve better onboarding

Hey! I’m Cam, the founder of Hopscotch.

Many product onboarding tours miss the mark. You know what I'm talking about — those 45-step unskippable guides that show every single corner of the app. What a greeting! Not only that, but once they're gone, they are gone forever. They are never there when you actually need them.

With Hopscotch, my goal is to fix this. I believe there should be a simple way for startups to improve their user onboarding using product tours without frustrating users. Plus better onboarding leads to better trial conversions and customers that stick around.

Our mission is to Be Helpful, and one of the best ways we can achieve this is by assisting you in delighting your customers with an amazing onboarding experience.

Let’s build better customer experiences, together.

— Cam Sloan, Founder

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