Chameleon alternative

Hopscotch is the simple and affordable Chameleon alternative built to onboard SaaS users with ease.


Chameleon is one of the leading user onboarding tools for SaaS companies. It has very extensive features and functionality, however these features come with added complexity and a high price tag.

If your SaaS company has simple onboarding needs, such as product tours and welcome messages, or simply cannot justify the $279/month starting price, then you may want to consider an affordable Chameleon alternative like Hopscotch Product Tours.

Really a lot of it comes down to this question: if you're a mid-market or enterprise company with significant budget, you may be better served by an onboarding tool like Chameleon. If you're a small business or growing startup and want a quality tool at a more affordable price, Hopscotch will likely be a better alternative to Chameleon.

Pricing comparison

⛔️ Chameleon

Starts at $279/month

Depending on the number of monthly active users you have, the starting price could be $1161/month or more.

✅ Hopscotch

Starts at $99/mo

Hopscotch plans scale with you as you grow. The starter plan is $99/month for unlimited tours.

Features comparison

Chameleon is an onboarding tool with many features and a lot of customization options. The challenge that comes with this advanced customization is the tool is no longer as simple to use.

Chameleon's features include checklists, surveys, and product tours. Each option has a lot of options for configurability and customization.

At Hopscotch Product Tours, we have taken a "less is more" approach. We focus on keeping things simple, and providing just enough customization.

So what's the takeaway here? If you need really advanced configuration for your onboarding, or if you need surveys and checklists, Chameleon is the choice for you. If you are looking to keep things simple, or simply cannot afford it, Hopscotch Product Tours is a great Chameleon alternative to consider.

Why Hopscotch?

Increase trial-to-paid conversions

Keep users focused and guide them to the "Aha!" moments that lead to conversions.

Reduce churn

Frustrated users don't stick around. Guide users to their desired outcomes with in-app messages.

No-code. No problem.

Your devs are busy working on product. With Hopscotch, you can make changes without waiting on a developer.



Use conditional logic to segment in-app messaging based on individual user activity.

Interactive product tours

Your users can click buttons, links, and fill in form fields to progress through interactive guides.


Customize the look and feel to match your brand.

In-app messages

Welcome new users, announce new features, or send a message about an upcoming webinar.


Announce features and events with scheduled in-app messaging campaigns.

Browser SDK

Some use cases may require a bit of extra code. We offer a full browser SDK to interact with Hopscotch programmatically.

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Monthly users are the number of guides that are viewed by external visitors – typically your customers or users. If you surpass your monthly limit for two months in a row, we’ll upgrade you automatically to the appropriate plan and we’ll contact you by email well in advance to let you know.

No, you don’t need a credit card! Simply sign up and begin creating onboarding experiences. Only once you push experiences live do we require a credit card.

Hopscotch is used by hundreds of SaaS. Customers include companies with just a few employees and ones with hundreds of employees. Hopscotch's customer support is on point regardless of your company's size!

Unfortunately, Hopscotch does not support mobile applications at this time.

You can try Hopscotch without a credit card or developer within your sandbox environment. This is available in your dashboard and does not need any code installation.

To build experiences within your actual product or application, you will need to install the Hopscotch code snippet. If you use Segment or Google Tag Manager you may not need a developer, but if not, you will need someone who is able to add the code snippet manually. 

Our email us at We’re a small team, but we usually reply in a few hours.