Beautiful on-brand experiences

Your Hopscotch tours will look and feel exactly how you want them. Use your own fonts, save your themes, and fine-tune with your own custom CSS.

→ No code

Create branded experiences in the click of a button

→ Configure templates

Save templates to make it easy to build on-brand

image of hopscotch designs for onboarding tours

Segment experiences for users

Show users the experience that’s right for them. Target specific elements in your app or segment tours by custom properties.

→ Properties and events

Target based on actions taken and events

→ On-page elements

Activate your tours only on certain elements you define

No code, no problem

Put tours together yourself. No engineering resources required. But hey, if you speak developer and want extra flexibility, Hopscotch has an SDK.

→ No engineering required

Simple, delightful drag-and-drop editor for tours

→ Performant

Tours render fast where you specify 100% of the time

Used by hundreds of businesses

Onboarding tours to delight users and reduce churn rate. You can create tours within a minute of signing up. Add media, plan onboarding journeys, and read the results, all in delightful dashboards.