Use case: user onboarding

Better User Onboarding

Activate your users with targeted onboarding flows. Serve them the right message at the right time, reduce churn, and increase adoption.

Engagement for all users

Show users real value as they come in the door. Help them figure out how to use that tough-to-understand feature or nudge them to discover that key part of your product that reduces churn.

Segment experiences for users

Every second a user is in your app is precious. Help new users discover important features. Help repeat users get to the next level of usage. Update users who haven't logged in for a a month see the new feature you just launched. You can segment in a million ways with Hopscotch.

Beautiful designs

Hopscotch onboarding widgets look like your brand. Use your own colors, images, buttons, and more. Delight your users with customizable experiences.

image of hopscotch designs for onboarding tours

Used by hundreds of businesses

Onboarding tours to delight users and reduce churn rate. You can create tours within a minute of signing up. Add media, plan onboarding journeys, and read the results, all in delightful dashboards.